Why should I consider Technology Bridge?

We are an information Technology and Systems Consulting firm. Our services center around a partnered approach between our client’s and us. Understanding our client’s business needs then managing and delivering full-cycle system solutions gives value throughout a project. As our customers demands and complexities  change, We will also change to meet your needs. Our first priority is to help you develop and implement solutions to fit YOUR business needs. This support service is fundamental to our total solution philosophy.

Why Technology Bridge?

  • We have a team of certified professional’s ready to serve you.
  • Collectively our staff has over 40 years of experience.
  • Building a relationship with our client’s comes first.
  • We are not an outsourcing organization.
  • We have a team of experts. Certified in both Microsoft certified network engineers, as well as Novell certified network engineers.


Does Technology Bridge stand behind it's services?

Yes...  We stand 100% behind everything that we do. 

Technology Bridge Services offers a cost-effective solution to a variety of issues, giving you the service and support your system needs. We understand the importance of delivering on our promises. Our work is reliable and dependable, meaning your job gets done right the first time. We want to maximize your dollar so every penny spent is a penny spent in confidence. Delivering on our promises is not only important to our customers but is essential to our company's reputation.

At Technology Bridge our longevity, over 20 years,is your confidence that we will install the best products and provide the best workmanship in the industry. To back that up, we have such confidence in our services and products, we provide a full warranty that the project or service will meet or exceed the specifications outlined in the Statement of Work or the Service Description as applicable.

We also have the guarantee that if you have called us in for a remedial issue not covered by a Support Agreement it is our commitment that unless aid is successfully rendered no charges will be invoiced for the service.

We also make the following commitments...

1. Technology is ever changing> We promise to provide up-to-date information and best practices regarding your service or project. 

2. Communication is key> We promise to never leave you hanging around waiting for a phone call or email. For most requests, we respond the same business day usually in under an hour, and in all cases, in no more than 24 hours. We understand you have questions and want to answer them. If one of our consultants is out of the office or on vacation, we will be sure to put you and your account in the hands of another consultant that can do the job just as well.

3. We don’t “Set it and forget it” > We will never just leave your systems running for days or even weeks at a time with no monitoring! Some technology company’s goal is to get as many clients as possible and and just wait for them to break rather than preventing or correcting issues before they affect production.. It is our goal here at Technology Bridge to be pro-active rather than reactive. to maximize your productivity. So letting things run on auto pilot isn’t in our list of services.

4. Follow best practices > As we mentioned before, we promise to keep your systems updated as technology is updated and follow all industry best practices. This means no black hat and we would never do anything to jeopardize your employee's productivity in any way. We are always testing and will provide you with the information you need in order to get the best possible performance. We always work outside of business hours, unless otherwise requested, so that we do not interfere with normal productivity.

5. No bull > Technology Bridge employees will recognize that not all things go according to plan. Therefore we promise to be up front and honest about any fluctuations going on with your account, whether good or bad. We promise to let you know what’s going on and how we plan to fix any issues immediately


Systems Monitoring and Emergencies (24×7 coverage)

There are Support Agreements that provide 24x7 support with guaranteed response times.  Ask your consultant about these agreements.

Energy Management and support/troubleshooting is also available 24x7 as a per-call option.


What options are there for break-fix support?

Remedial support is available on both a contracted and per-call basis. In either case all work is guaranteed. Support may be for only one incident or within a specifies set of coverage hours. It may include guaranteed response times and/or continuous effort support. 

Support provides you with a more efficient and personalized support experience on your covered equipment with no additional charge. Support is available on the following equipment covered under a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Support contract:

  • servers
  • storage
  • networking equipment