Desktop, Laptop, External, Micro Drive Recovery

If you have experienced a failed hard drive from a desktop, laptop, external drive, or micro drive 

Technology Bridge specializes in recovering data from all types of hard drives. No matter which operating system (PC, Mac, Unix, Linux, Etc.) or connection type (IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc.), Technology Bridge has successfully recovered data from many different hard drives including:

  • 3.5" Desktop Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • 1" Micro Drives
  • 2.5" Laptop Drives
  • 1.8" Laptop Drives
  • Legacy Hard Drives

Approximately 85% of all unrecoverable data is a direct result of errors caused by inexperienced or unqualified recovery attempts. If your hard drive is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, turn off the computer. It is vital that you not run any software utilities or take any action until you have fully assessed your situation.

  • Drive Is Making Unusual Noises (Clicking, Buzzing)
  • Drive Does Not Sound Like It Is Powering On or Spinning
  • Electrical Storm or Power Outage Now Drive Wont Boot
  • Spilled Liquid On The Keyboard (Laptop)
  • "No Operating System Found" Message At Boot Up
  • Accidentally Formatted Drive or Deleted Important Files
  • Your Laptop or External Drive Was Accidentally Dropped
  • Received Windows "Blue Screen of Death"
  • Attempted To Repair or Restore Your System And Now Can't See Your Files
  • Drive "Hangs" When Attempting To Boot
  • Disgruntled Employee Erased Critical Data
  • S.M.A.R.T. Warning At Startup

We are experienced in data recovery procedures with all major hard drive manufacturers and operating systems including:

  • Maxtor hard drive recovery
  • IBM hard drive recovery
  • Seagate hard drive recovery
  • Western Digital hard drive recovery
  • Fujitsu hard drive recovery
  • Hitachi hard drive recovery
  • Toshiba hard drive recovery
  • Samsung hard drive recovery
  • Quantum hard drive recovery
  • Mac OS data recovery
  • Unix data recovery
  • Windows data recovery
  • Linux data recovery
  • OpenVMS data recovery