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Network analysis/capacity plan

Network analysis/capacity plan

Network design review and capacity plan is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of a network’s state of health and future growth capabilities.  The deliverable for this study is a report which outlines the following:


A:  Verification of logical Drawings to Actual as built by site evaluated.


B:    Identification of Major Single points of failure  (by site and overall)


C:    Identification of network weaknesses  (by site and overall)


1.     Capacity

2.     Throughput

3.     architecture

4.     growth potential


D:   Possible ways to eliminate excess or unnecessary traffic (by site and overall)


E:  ID of any problems discovered


1.     config

2.     traffic

3.     excess error

4.     cable/fiber problems


F:  Overall recommendations for improvement


G: Rating of network compared to others evaluated


H: Potential for flexbility and growth



The duration and cost of such a project varies with the size and complexity of a given network.