You need more than Anti-Virus

Over the past few months, the threat landscape has shifted.

 Even commodity malware (such as the Dridex banking trojan) has been getting through antivirus solutions over 95% of the time when delivered as an attachment.


The Proofpoint team has been hard at work developing the Attachment Defense Service (ADS) to analyze suspicious attachments within a cloud-based sandbox environment that checks for malicious behavior before messages reach your organization.


You may have seen these attacks in your own organization, and if you haven’t I’d recommend running a tool that can find them. In that spirit, I would like to offer you a free 30-day trial of our ADS product, which gives you:

•         Real-time visibility into the potential security threats that are bypassing your antivirus solution
•         A solution that catches and stops over 99% of the malicious attachments, while the leading antivirus solutions all caught less than 5%
•        Peace of mind that your users are protected