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Technology Bridge, Inc.

Strategic Consultancy

As the demands of the market and the complexities of products evolve, Technology Bridge adapts to meet your changing needs. Network and system support is an important part of this changing world and it's an important part of the services we provide.

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Technical Consultancy

Technology Bridge brings proven methodologies and a structured project management approach emphasizing co-management and knowledge transfer to support you with your Information System planning needs and network requirements documentation and justification.


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IT Consultancy

We are a closely-knit group of networking and systems integration technology consultants each with a minimum of fifteen years of experience, with expertise in a wide range of areas that will meet any challenge.

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IT Outsourcing

Do you have projects that need to get done, but you just do not have the time or resources to accomplish them? In many small and medium companies the person responsible for the IT infrastructure actually has a real job to do.  They may have that task simply because they knew a little more about it than everyone else.

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