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Technology Bridge, Inc.


We are a closely-knit group of networking and systems integration technology consultants each with a minimum of fifteen years of experience, with expertise in a wide range of areas that will meet any challenge. We work with a wide variety of hardware and software platforms these include but are not limitNetwork analysis/capacity planed to:  local and wide area networking technologies, large and midrange systems integration to the desktop, Web site hosting, Web and Web based application development, and mobile device applications and integration. Network operating systems, virtual and clustered environments such as OpenVMS, Linus, AIX, Windows, and Novell.   Information technology Risk assessment and auditing along with troubleshooting of complex and/or undefined problems is a specialty.

We also offer file/data recovery services, virus removal and repair, and end point/data leakage protection. And centralized virus protection and control.  We also offer Virtual Server and Virtual Desktop hosting.